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Pirateria es cultura....Festival del Pirata en Mission San Juan Capistrano

Pirate Festival en Mission San Juan Capistrano.

En lo que es hoy Dana Point se sigue recordando, con la Fiesta Anual del Pirata, el ataque de Hipólito Bouchard a San Juan de Capistrano, en esa misma zona que el corsario argentino usó como refugio para sus naves

Pirates Attack the Mission

Annual Pirate Festival to Feature Live Re-enactment Mission Pirate Festival

Mission San Juan Capistrano will present its annual Pirate Festival on Saturday, October 30, 12-5 p.m. The day will feature daylong entertainment, food, special activities for children and a raid on the Mission by live pirates. Visitors are encouraged to dress as pirates; prizes will be given for the best costumes.

The Day Pirates Sacked the Mission

It was a quiet mood on the great sunset sea, a day when the sea lay solemn and still. Dawn had come like a ghost as the two ships lay in the small harbor and the early morning sun was burning off the fog.

A hatch slammed, someone poured out a bucket of water, a rumbling of complaints came from below as the ship comes to life.

Hippolyte Bouchard had awakened with the early watch. He stood at the portside rail squinting his eyes up at the land, smelling it. Land had a different smell than sea. It had a deep, earthly tang, flavored with the smell of dry grasses. It was a pleasant respite from the ocean’s brininess and the ship’s stench of stagnant bildgewater, rotting ropes and stale men.

Bouchard was a big man. He looked strong, invulnerable, and capable. He could be brutal an instant and his fiery temper was well known among his men. His was an iron rule, absolute and final.

Más información en la página de Mission San Juan Capistrano.

También en la Universidad de Santa Barbara en California existe la Agrupación Atlética "The Gauchos".

Bouchard y los suyos que anduvieron por ahí habrán tenido algo que ver...

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